Frequently Asked Questions


SMART NICU2HOME is a smartphone app designed to support parents like you, with a baby in the NICU. SMART NICU2HOME helps parents learn more about how to care for and bond with their baby, stay up to date with their baby’s care, track their baby’s milestones and connect with family and friends.

Go to, select “Request Invitation,” complete and submit the form. You will receive an invitation email within 24 hours and a team member may contact you to securely complete your request. Each parent can sign themselves up.

No! This app is not intended to replace medical advice in any way.

SMART NICU2HOME can help you feel more informed, comfortable and confident -but your medical team members are the experts! Every baby is different and will have his/her own unique needs.

SMART NICU2HOME’s Education Center is your library of articles and videos. You can browse by category or search for topics that interest you. A selection of articles will be sent to your Home page each day to give you the information you need, when you need it most.

On the Home screen, select the menu at the top left corner. Select “Family and Friends,” then “+” to enter information about the person you wish to invite. Your family member or friend will receive an email invitation with instructions on how to join.

Yes! Select the large blue “+” at the bottom right corner of the Home screen, then select the yellow “Call” icon and you can call the NICU directly.

You can also securely post updates and share photos with invited family and friends, keep track of your baby’s milestones, nominate special nurses for an award…and more!

Please contact a SMART NICU2HOME team member at with any questions or concerns.


SMART NICU2HOME is securely linked with your baby’s electronic medical record, and great care is taken to keep your baby’s information private in accordance with all HIPAA laws. You must enter a unique security code from your invitation email to create your account and your login is password protected. All personal medical information is accessible to parents only.

Benefits may include learning more about how to care for and connect with your baby and feeling more informed and less anxious. Many parents report feeling more confident in their knowledge and parenting skills. There are no known risks at this time.


The access code is a 4-digit code, added for extra security when you download SMART NICU2HOME. You can find the 4-digit access code in your invitation email, under “STEP 1: DOWNLOAD.”

The first time you use SMART NICU2HOME, select “Create Account” at the bottom right, under the LOGIN button. This will lead you to a Welcome screen where you can enter the information provided in your invitation email to create your account.

The inviter email and your secure unique 6-digit security code are both found in your invitation email, under “STEP 3: SIGN UP.”

The MRN is your baby’s medical record number. Parents can find their baby’s MRN on their ID wristbands. Your baby’s nurse can also help you find it.

There may be a setting change that needs to be made on your phone before installing SMART NICU2HOME. Please view the instructions for Android or iPhone.

Like most technology, closing out of the app and restarting the app or phone will correct many of the common problems. In addition, check your WiFi strength as that differs by location. If the problem is not resolved feel free to contact or ask your nurse.

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